We meet a Today's trends and needs and try to planning and developing the various products. We have meetings again and again to catch the taste of consumers and keep providing the products are always loved by a lot of people with the concept of "Delicious and easy to refresh". Our planning start from the point "Read today's trends" of view, we meet customer's needs with new proposals.


We will deliver the trust worthy products with 75 year's techniques and experiences. Recently tastes of each people is respected not except soft drinks. When or which do you want to drink? Cider, Juice, Coffee, Tea or Healthy drink? Tastes of each people is different. We meet tastes of people with our long experiences. We develop to speedy the product that is safe and tasty with using 81years’ know how and experiences of developing products. We will help to commercialize the product that you want.

By the way, that is the point how do you taste? If the drinks is thought as people, the container is fashion. Glass bottles or pet bottles etc. We choose the best shape and material. We meet the needs of all lining up the various containers.

Now we can't say soft drinks just as food and beverages. It enriches one's heart as moments of director. For example, if the costumer is smiling in front of the vending machine, we realized the importance of planning products. Listening the real voice of consumers awith self-distributions and take advantage of developing OEM. We have enough information to develop better products. Hoshaku beverage is the company of "Tasty and making you refresh". We will deliver just a little bit different refresh. We eager to tackle from planning and development to producing and selling.


Perfect controlled production equipment and thorough quality control make you satisfy with producing OEM

6 flexible production lines to ensure the "peace of mind" in quality control

We grantee the safe with strict quality control. Now we concentrated manufacturing bases to Shiwa Factory located in Higashihiroshsimashi Shiwa cho. We are manufacturing various drinks on the 6 products lines fit cans, glass bottles or pet bottles. We meet sever various subjects of our customers with each lines are flexible and controlled. Drinks taken from the mouth are influenced to customer’s health. We have a base philosophy as One bottle fails, a million bottles fail. We promise that we provide high quality product by controlling flows. Start from the water that based of all drinks to final packaging, the product could be passed the strict more than 90 test will be distributed as Hoshaku’s Products.


ISO 9001: 2008

Year 2003


Year 2005

ISO 14001

Year 2006

FSSC 22000

Year 2010

Geographical advantage of the county center in the West ensures quick delivery

Logistic advantage of the middle of the prefecture Distribute to anywhere in West Japan Saijo is located in the middle of Hiroshima prefecture. It takes a few minutes from the factory and distribution center of Hoshaku to Shiwa inter of Sanyo Expressway. Distribution channels go straight to Hiroshima as an ordinance-designated city and Chugoku region, Shikoku region and more Kansai region. Efficient production and distribution base has a potential of spreading the sales areas all directions around the Saijo to West Japan area. That is the treasure of Hoshaku.


General Line Features:

This is a “Food Grade” manufacturing line. This means, the products made in this line are of food grade as opposed to pharmaceutical grade. This line is certified for following standards -Food Safety System Certification 22000:2010, ISO 22000:2005, ISO 9001, ISO 14001.

The standard manufacturing steps are -

  • Empty bottle inspection
  • Empty bottle washing
  • Liquid preparation (use of pure water and ingredients)
  • Bottle filling
  • Bottle labeling
  • Bottle inspection
  • Packaging
  • Palletizing
  • Delivery
  • All steps of manufacturing are fully automatized including the palletizing. Hence, customization is limited.


    100ml brown fat glass bottle

    100ml brown lean glass bottle

    160ml brown glass bottle

    250ml brown glass bottle

    200ml transparent glass bottle

    250ml transparent glass bottle

    330ml transparent glass bottle

    Characteristics of glass

    • It looks luxury, so it is suited for high value added products.
    • If you keep product for a long time, those bottles could keep quality (taste).
    • Depending on the contents (formulation, etc.), it is possible to determine a convenient best before date, for your convenience at the time of sales and distribution.


    • Order size is based in one formulation per lot. Please ask us for more details.
    • Please allow manufacturing tolerance depending on the specific product recipe.


    190g steel can

    250g steel can

    280g steel can

    350g steel can

    250g steel can

    Characteristics of Steel & Aluminium cans

    • Suitable for various liquids (a neutral drink, a carbonated drink)
    • Excellent conservation properties of the content due to shielding from light and carbonation maintenance.
    • It is light and it doesn’t break.
    • Product exposure, identification and stand-out design is possible due to the large printing area of the can
    • Easy to recycle and separate


    • Order size is based in one formulation per lot. Please ask us for more details
    • Please allow manufacturing tolerance depending on the specific product recipe


    PET 280ml

    PET 350ml

    PET 500ml (angle)

    PET 500ml

    PET 900ml

    Characteristics of Plastic bottles

    • Allows resealing
    • It is light and it doesn’t break, so it is easy for you to carry
    • Inspires consumer confidence due to transparency of the plastic


    • Order size is based in one formulation per lot. Please ask us for more details
    • Please allow manufacturing tolerance depending on the specific product recipe


    • Consultation Accepted

    • Lab Sampling

    • Line Trials

    • Aging Test & Nutritional Facts Survey

    • Procuring Raw Materials

    • Manufacturing and Goods Delivery