Beverage manufacturer offering OEM manufacturing and contract manufacturing of Japanese beverages.
We celebrate our 81st founding anniversary this year.

Company Profile

Company name
Hoshakuinryou K.K.
English Name
Hoshaku Beverage Co. Ltd.
May, 1935
26th December 1962
100,000,000 yen
Akihiko Oto
Business Contents
Planning, development and manufacturing of various soft drinks
Number of employees
67 people
Affiliated company
Prio Blendix K.K. | Kansai Yakuhin Kogyo K.K. | K.K. Prio Wellness


Environmental Policy

  • Environmental laws and regulations will be observed. If possible, we establish our own standards and efforts are under way to maintain and improve the status.
  • For being continued improvement of environmental conservation activities and promoted pollution prevention, we establish environmental purpose and target. If necessary, it will be reviewed.
  • Environmentally conscious in the production process, in all of our corporate activities resource saving, energy conservation and reduction of recycling waste. We will strive to reduce environmental impact and prevent pollution.
  • We will keep promoting comprehensive approach ( ensure quality ~ saving of usage ~ pollution prevention of wastewater ) to especially valuable water continuously.
  • Promoting the effective of this policy, It is known to all to run education awareness campaign for raising awareness of employees of environment
  • This policy is published outside the company through the website.

Our Journey

  • 1935

    Founder Yasaku Hoshaku "Hoshaku beverage industry plant" founded

  • 1955

    The second generation Hoshaku Shenzhou man management main

  • 1962

    Corporation formed in the capital of 5 million yen, Hoshaku Shenzhou man first president appointed

  • 1968

    Taguchi factory establishment

  • 1970

    Capital increase to 10 million yen in capital

  • 1973

    Third factory completed

  • 1977

    Established Kansai Yakuhin Kogyo Co., Ltd. as affiliate

  • 1982

    Shiwa factory completed (bottle gas line only)

  • 1983

    Shiwa factory new line extension (250 cans of gas line)

  • 1985

    As a series company (Ltd.) Prio - Bren index establishment

  • 1986

    Relocation of a third factory can retort line wrinkles in the factory

  • 1988

    Shiwa factory line introduction (350 cans of gas)

  • First Year of Heisei

    Shiwa factory new line expansion (phosphorus pull line)

  • 1990

    Shiwa factory new line expansion (pet line)

  • 1992

    Shiwa factory gas line bottle cans features of

  • 1994

    Shiwa factory pet line 2 liters enabling

  • 1996

    Yoshitada Hoshaku president

  • 1997

    Shiwa factory new line expansion (Small pets container line)

  • 2003

    Shiwa factory new line expansion (Small pets container line)

  • 2005

    Shiwa factory food hygiene excellent facility commendation

  • 2006

    ISO14001 (2004 fiscal year edition) certification

  • 2009

    Integrated relocation Taguchi factory A-line to Shiwa factory

  • 2011

    Through a share exchange, Ashido group participation in

    Organic processed food (fruit drinks) certification

    Liqueur manufacturing license acquisition

    Spirits manufacturing license acquisition

  • 2012

    SO22000: 2005 and FSSC22000: 2010 certification (Shiwa factory)

Higashi Hiroshima water the best in the world!

The 42nd G7 summit was held on May 26–27, 2016 at the Shima Kanko Hotel in Kashiko Island, Shima, Mie Prefecture, Japan.

The Japanese Foreign Minister engaged Hoshaku for supplying their Alkali Ion Natural Water for the event. The picture on the left shows top representatives from different countries being served the Alkali Ion Natural Water.

October 12, 2012

Quality Policy

  • In order to realize the quality of their own can be guaranteed 100%, to build a quality management system, Komu build quality in how it works.

    It established a policy about the quality,

    To clarify each person's responsibilities and authority relating to the quality,

    A quality system for Komu build quality in the process documented in the form of a quality manual,

    Site is run in the quality manual as expected definitely,

    Its to be able to disclose at any time that you have to ensure the quality that our customers ask for them by recording the Re.

  • Continuously to verify the effectiveness of the quality management system, we continue to turn the PDCA, the effectiveness of the system to continuously improve improvement in all workplaces.
  • We carried out thorough education and training, and the exaltation of the quality awareness of all employees, to improve the skills of a professional group of quality.

Our Philosophy

  • For us that has been kept alive by our customers, "quality" what is a lifeline to protect the lives of employees and their families.
  • Products and services are ready to "quality" is, of course, including the quality of all of the work in order to improve customer satisfaction, as customers of health impact, our company to create a product that enters the mouth, in particular " put "food safety" to the serious Naru center of quality ".
  • Sincere and Tomoyuki (lagging) combined the (combined) as the effect (breast), providing products that will delight our customers, through a way to push build quality that can safe and secure, by win further satisfaction and trust, human population that customers are required to, become a company that is needed by society.

※ Tomoyuki (lagging) combined (combined): "Knowledge" is recognized, "row" is practice meaning. Be carried out and knowing is a both sides of the action of the heart, the original is one that forms the two sides of the same coin. I thought that the real knowledge at the core of yangmingism that must be accompanied by practice. Among this basic philosophy, that you know, but not a state that has not been practiced. There is determined or user manual but not followed in the field, have not been utilized, meaning as not to not practiced, is determined and the actual conditions, as that free.

Food Safety Policy

Our company, as a food manufacturer, to contribute to society through to provide the food that can safe and secure to our customers, listed the following policy with respect to particularly important "food safety" among the "quality".

  • To ensure the safety of manufacturing, to build a food safety management system based on FSSC22000, we will strive to continually improve update.
  • Food safety policy and food to the relevant laws, regulations, regulatory requirements, as well as with compliance with customer requirements mutually agreed upon, to our suppliers seeking to comply with the statutory and regulatory requirements, to understand the safety and the activities to get.
  • So that you can recognize the safety of the product, along with the regularly carry out communication activities in the internal, such as training and management reviews in order to improve knowledge of food safety, for information about the safety and security of food, laws and regulatory authorities, the transaction ahead, we will work our customers, the communication with the outside of the related parties, such as industry associations.
  • As well as well-known thorough food safety policy to all employees, every year, to set the food safety goals, it will be reviewed revised if necessary.
  • Food safety policy, we will post disclosed in our website so that also can understand to everyone in the local community as well as the food chain involved.