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  • Beverage Selection

    Clients can select a beverage from our existing range of products or can even suggest a new formulation for us to work on.

  • Formulation & Ingredient Revisions

    The selected beverage can be customized to match the flavour, taste and ingredient preferences of our clients. The product formulation undergoes multiple iterations on paper. We charge development fees for every OEM product and these are refunded against your first order.

  • Lab Samples and Formulation approvals

    For any new formulation, we first create Lab samples for getting the taste and flavour approvals from our clients.

  • Choice of Package and Package Designing

    Once the Lab samples are approved, we begin the package designing process. Our designers can make a package for you, keeping in mind the preferences of your end customers, your target markets as well as the import regulations of the importing country.

  • Package approvals and printing

    The package designs undergo few iterations before we can freeze the designs. We request our clients to get the designs approved from their import agents and other governing bodies to ensure hassle free imports. The approved designs then undergo calibration and corrections to assure perfect output in the final prints.

  • Documentation and Regulatory affairs

    Post to design calibration, we begin the documentation process and both the manufacturer and client has to identify all possible documents required to fulfill the order. The documents are kept ready before manufacturing begins, to avoid post production delays.

  • Actual Production and Quality Reports

    The actual production takes place and the final product is tested to generate nutritional information or the Certificate of Analysis (CoA) or any such report to assure product quality and facts.

  • Logistics and Final Dispatch

    The finished goods are then shipped as per one of the chosen incoterms like - FOB, FCA, CIF or CNF

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